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Expert Car Diagnostics Service in Poole and Bournemout

There are few things more disconcerting to the conscientious driver than a warning light starting to flash on the dashboard, especially so if you don’t know what that warning light denotes. Let Car Maintenance Garages Ltd relieve some of the worry by booking your vehicle in for a car diagnostic service.

What are car diagnostics?

Simply put, your car’s diagnostics system is the network of sensors and monitoring equipment, built into the very fabric of your vehicle, which makes sure that the various parts of your car are working as they should. These sensors are collecting data from the moment you switch on the ignition, whether that data concerns the temperature of the engine, your car’s oil level, or something as simple as a driver’s seatbelt not being deployed. This data is continuously fed to the on-board computer of your vehicle, which checks to ensure that current activity conforms to its approved standards for your safety. If they do, then all is well, and the diagnostic system checks again. If they don’t, that’s when your dashboard starts flashing.

What does this mean for me?

Honestly, not a lot. For the most part warning lights are a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. A light might inform you that your engine is too hot, but it won’t tell you how hot it is, or what has caused it. Really, it is only there to advise you to get it checked by a professional

What can we do for you?

Using the latest diagnostic checking equipment, at Car Maintenance Garages Ltd we can quickly assess the fault itself, and what has caused it to happen. We can then come up with a repair solution to fix the issue for you.

What does a diagnostic check involve?

A diagnostic check from Car Maintenance Garages Ltd involves checking all of the following aspects of your car’s infrastructure:

  • service lights
  • ​ automatic transmission systems
  • ​ diesel management systems
  • ​ air conditioning systems
  • ​ SRS and air-bag systems
  • ​ traction control and ABS systems
  • ​ immobiliser systems
  • ​ engine management systems

How does it work

We get the data direct from the computer itself. This provides us with a detailed breakdown of any issues the diagnostic system has spotted, not just those that have resulted in a warning light. Not only does this mean we can pinpoint the current problem, but we can also identify any future issues that might be just around the corner.
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