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Expert Car Service Packages in Poole and Bournemouth

It is an important part of keeping your car in top condition that you bring it in for regular servicing. Whilst an MOT check is required each year by law, it can be inconvenient to discover a fault at that time, as it may render your vehicle unroadworthy until you find the time (and money) to repair the fault. Fortunately, here at Car Maintenance Garages Ltd, we offer a number of service solutions to our customers.

What can we do for you?

Aside from MOT testing, which is a car servicing option in its own right, Car Maintenance Garages Ltd offers two distinct forms of car service choices: the 6,000 mile service and the full car service.


What does it involve?

Both our service options involve checking your car for existing and imminent faults that occur simply through everyday wear and tear. The latter is most important, as catching a potential fault before it occurs can often allow you to attend to the problem before it becomes a serious issue..

What do you check?

Both service options cover all the main areas of your car.

  • engine
  • ​ fuel
  • ​ drive system
  • ​ electrics
  • ​ suspension and steering
  • ​ exhaust
  • ​ brakes
  • ​ wheels and tyres
  • ​ vision (windscreens and mirrors)
  • ​ internal

In addition, each service option includes a full road test.

What is the difference?

The 6,000 mile service (sometimes referred to as an interim service) is normally conducted within the first six months of your car’s life, and covers the essential aspects of your vehicle’s performance in the area listed above. The full car service is more in-depth and normally takes place once a year. It covers the same areas, but more parts of the car are inspected: things like your spark plugs, coolant hoses and cap seals, and a number of other areas. These are the things that tend not to be an issue after just 6,000 miles, but may be susceptible to wear further down the line.

What happens next?

If everything is fine with your vehicle, then that’s obviously a good thing. We’ll sign and stamp your service book to confirm the car is in good working order and look forward to seeing you again. If we detect a fault, we will inform you of it, and provide a no-obligation quote for the cost of repairs. No work is carried out until you have given us the go ahead to do so.
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